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The People


art 3:

Ruth did some digging through census records online and found that in 1930 Rose had two boarders living in her home ⁠— one named Andrew and another named William. Could it be the “Will” from the letter? Could the "home" in his letter be Rose's house and he's simply inquiring about seeing where he'd be living?


It seems like an easy thing to figure out but we needed to look beyond the census records, so we took on the help of a Dayton historian Curt Dalton to learn more.


He found something outside of the census records. It turns out something happened a month after Rose received Will’s letter.

Read the transcript for Part 3.

Special thanks to the Hollingsworth Family, Curt Dalton, Dayton History, the Ohio Genealogy Society, and Jessi Sievers for their help with this episode.

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